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About mepersigueuncoach
Inma Cabrera


Psychologist, Organizational Strategist, and Certified Coach

Welcome to my professional space! I'm Inma Cabrera, a passionate individual with over two decades of experience in the international business arena, particularly within the fashion sector. Throughout my career, I've held leadership roles in Human Resources at renowned companies such as Burberry and PUMA.


My journey has revolved around spearheading innovative and transformative projects that have positively impacted organizational structure and growth. From implementing sales networks to collaborating on the establishment of subsidiaries, I've played a key role in designing and executing strategies that yield tangible results.

Moreover, I've had the privilege of contributing to the consolidation of organizational and functional structures across 3 countries, uniting them into a single, efficient operational entity.

At the core of my approach lies my background in psychology and my profound interest in human behavior.

This fusion has led me to specialize in coaching, earning certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In 2021, I made the decision to embark on my own professional venture, "mepersigueuncoach", a brand that embodies my commitment to innovation, creativity, and personalized guidance in organizational consultancy and individual development. My goal is to transcend the conventional and offer solutions that make a real difference in an effective, measurable, and sustainable manner.

If you're striving to achieve leadership goals, personal growth, or enhance your organization's performance, I'm here to assist you. Together, we'll chart the path to success. Don't hesitate to reach out and let's embark on this exciting journey towards your objectives!

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